Telport INC. is a turnkey solution provider In the field of hospital establishment, construction with modern scientific technology and in the fields of civil construction, building works, civil engineering, and construction of public housing, villas and home apartments in general.

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TELPORT Holding company

Tel port is American based company stablished in 2019 as turnkey solution for the hospitals preparation, green energy projects, since then our company execute so many projects inside and outside the USA, and after the pandemic  the owner of the company decide to farther in expanding the company by divers the business fields in different types of work by establishing new companies in the UAS and by acquire many companies and factory in the MENA region

TelPort Company treasures

TELPORT Business strategy is to keep Following the new updates in the business fields and invest in the game changing factors that are the sessional seeds for the 4th industrial  revolution and the keys for the Digital transformation world.

In following the above road map our share holder acquires the controlling interest in the bellow companies

Hyper Light co.

Hyper Light co.

Hpyer light excuted many projects in Turkey
Hyper Light has executed projects in various construction fields which by include the following:
• Residential Towers.
• Residences and apartments.
• Power Plant Construction (Solar Farms).
• Different types of dairy products factories



Modern Zahra Central Air- conditioning company as ZDF

Al qama hygiene paper tissue factory

Car armoring  &  Trading Section



New york  company

Seed hub Training Academy

Mubasher Training Academy

General Trading


is a general trading and consultancy company located in Istanbul ,Türkıye and working in harmony with its partners in Lebanon, Jordan CODE company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CODE company where was our starting point in 2016.

Today, our experience let us provide the International market by professional supply and procurement services from Turkey and most countries all over the world ,though our direct and reputable relations with factories overseas linked with them by mutual trust relationship, to finally offer the best price and quality targeted by clients.


Spectra Telecommunications and Power factory / FTTH Passive

Manufacturing facility : Spectra TE is one of the most popular providers of Data Cabinets, Fiber Optic Patch cored, electrical product, FTTH products and solutions for one stop services optical communication networks. Our Products are widely used by telecommunications and cable service providers to deploy advanced networks for video, voice and other data services with high data transmission rates from 100Mbps to 10Gbps and low_ costs passive products Spectra TE started business in 2008.

Modern Zahra Central Air- conditioning company as ZDF


is a family-business company registered in Saudi Arabia as a foreign investment contracting company since 1975 along with its sister/holding company MATCON Corp. Our operations span the entirety of Saudi Arabia with our major concentration in Riyadh region, where we are well known for MEP services, Located in Riyadh our coverage expands to all of KSA, we were able to grow our business and reach a new potential for supplying mega projects all over Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to be the number one air duct manufacturer in Saudi Arabia and the ME

Al qama hygiene paper tissue factory ( LIAL),

vast experience in the Tissue Paper  Industry over the years has enabled  us to provide the best to our customers and to keep an intimate relationship with them. It is certain that we produce according to our customers needs and different preferences . This includes finest packaging with artistic calligraphyوwe work to fill a unique position among tissue paper companies by applying the higher standards of quality control  at all production stage .

Power Generators manufacturing.


Falcon Power Solutions / Power Generators factory : Falcon is a Saudi owned company and provides complete power solutions custom tailored to your specific requirements. Falcon’s goal is to provide high quality and cost-effective turnkey power solutions, The Falcon Power range of diesel generator sets provide a superior power solution through its performance, flexible range of features and ease of serviceability in the field.

Our diesel product range, available from 11 – 2,500 kVA, includes open and enclosed generator sets which offer outstanding value for money, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and productivity


Technology companies

Cloud managed Services Provider : Cloudseed  Provide Specific solution areas include mass migration, cloud-native agile applications, mission-critical apps, automation, cloud optimization, security and compliance, and DevOps modernization. Cloudseed also offers other cloud modernization solutions in the form of consultancy and management services

Telecommunications Companies

NORTH STAR TRADING EST : NORTH STAR is a turnkey TELECOM and POWER contractor, our services include but not limited to :

  • Turnkey Project implementation for wireless and OSP networks.
  • Telecom Towers and Telecom Shelters.
  • Telecom equipment supply and integration.
  • Microwave, GSM, VHF, UHF< OSP, Fiber Installations.
  • Power generators, supply, installation and maintenance.
  • DC Power, Supply and installation.
  • Solar Systems for telecom sites.
  • Mobile units (COWS), speed site solutions and GRD solutions.
  • Emergency sites, rental or sales.
  • Power rental solutions O&M services.

Car armoring & Trading Section



For public and government figures, protection teams and personal guard cars. Analysts believe that the increasing search rates for armored cars for sale in the Arab region is a natural result of the high crime rates, as the majority seeks to provide protection for themselves and their investments during the movement, and this desire has doubled as a result of the turmoil currently taking place in Arab countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, And Saudi Arabia, that is why the residents of the border areas were the most popular for bulletproof cars.

Who is looking for armored cars for sale in the Arab region?

  • Politicians and statesmen
  • Celebrities and businessmen
  • Residents of border areas
  • Cross-border road travelers
  • Banks and institutions transporting money and valuable goods

Transparent Areas of the Land Cruiser:

All transparent areas of the bulletproof Land Cruiser are reinforced with multiple layers and

polycarbonate coat to repel weapons and ammunition of the following calibre or less at a 90° impact


Caliber 7.62 x 39 mm, FJ/PB/FeC, AK 47 Kalashnikov

Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm, FJ/PB/SCP, M16 Colt

Caliber 7.62 x 51 mm, FJ/PB/SC, (FN) “FAL” / “LAR” NATO rifle

Floor (Enhanced Floor Protection)

The floor is designed to withstand the destructive force of the following explosives:

Two DM 51 hand grenade (German Norm) detonated simultaneously

1x HG85 (equivalent to M67 Grenade) under vehicle

In addition, the floor is also armored to withstand the detonation of anti-personnel mines. Roof

VPAM is the latest European standard for ballistic protection, which is now used to replace the old commonly used classification levels from B1 to B7:

The interior of the vehicles is completely redesigned and is upholstered with premium materials
Rear seats are separated
Manually operable emergency exit
Luggage compartment completely armored
Curb weight 4900 kg

New york  company

Security for every Environment

Founded in 1986 in TX, USA. The premier designer and manufacturer of security and display solutions for tablets, laptops and other computing devices. Providing solutions to over 50% of Fortune 1000 companies. Sales in over 100 countries worldwide with more than 100,000 customers. Local sales and support offices across USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Leveraging our experience to help our customers deploy the most relevant solution.

Product Categories

  • Security Solutions: Full range of compatible cable locks for laptops and device specific mounts
  • Secured Display Solutions: Innovative, secure solutions for interactive digital displays
  • Point of Sale Solutions: Create the ultimate retail experience with security and functionality
  • Ergonomic Line: Optimize on workspace and employer efficiency with our Ergonomic solutions
  • Store and Charge: Simultaneously secure, store and charge tablets and laptops
  • Custom Projects: Bespoke solutions designed according to customer’s specific need

Our Values 


  • 1. Elegant design

  • 2. Highest quality

  • 3. Lifetime security

  • 4. Custom capabilities

  • 5. International service

  • 6. Swift turnaround times

-Professional and Technology training academies.

Seed hub Training Academy:

The first non-academic center in the Middle East specialized in developing the knowledge and professional skills of companies and individuals by keeping abreast of the latest global developments in the field of training and consulting and providing them to our clients professionally

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